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1. Name: Heta
2. Nickname(s): ssss I don't think I really have any, my name is so short and easy already... uwu 
3. Birthday: June 10, 1991
4. That makes you: 24
5. Where were you born: if I remember the info correctly, in a place called RÖYKKÄ BurgerPants Emoticon Icon Gif - Undertale , in Nurmijärvi, in Finland
6. Location right now: Vantaa, Finland
7. Shoe size: idek Nuu 
8. How many piercings?: 2 earring things, but one of them is like... grown shut partly so I can't wear anything on it anymore without hurting myself Noes! 
9. Tattoos?: I don't have any, but I'd like to have tiny ones on the backs of my fingers, like tiny symbols related to some of my OC's or smth.
10. When you wake up you're: like peter tork crying 
11. When your about to sleep you're: comfy and snuggling with Gribby Mato Hugs Yomi  Heart 
12. Zodiac sign: Gemini XD
13. Chinese sign: Sheep / Goat
14. Righty or Lefty: Righty! My left hand is super weak and clumsy.
15. Innie or Outie: Innie!! Stare 
16. School: I haven't had much good experiences of schools at all. I was never a good student anywhere and like, I was always under average and barely passed any classes and failed many, so I got shit about it constantly by so many people. Hnngh. I was good at art! But since seriously EVERYTHING ELSE was nearly a failure for me, it didn't help much.

Section Two: Looks

17. Nationality: finnish / scandinavian? I'm not sure how to spell that XD
20. Weight: I've noticed I'm happier when I don't know, so... u__u
21. Height: I can't remember this either >_> I can't keep any numbers in my head...
22. Braces? Never had or needed Thumbs up okay 
23. Glasses? Yes, I had to get them when I was 9. I wanted round ones like Harry Potter but my mom said I would look stupid in those, and I was stupid enough to listen, so I got really girly ones that I hated...

Section Three: Private Life

24. Do you have a boy/girlfriend? I am married Heart 
25. If so, who? :icondeskleaves: Gribby :heart:
26. If not, do you have a crush on someone? GRIBBY XD
27. Who has a crush on you? GRIBB
28. Ever cheated on your bf/gf? No, it's either Gribby or NO ONE :heart:
29. Who was your first kiss: Gribby Blush 
30. Who was your last kiss: Gribby 20 min ago, we somehow ended up having like a KISS WAR. Gribby was winning and kissing my face all over and I was squealing and laughing like Excited Blush 
31. Are you a virgin? This stuff is super private for me so I prefer not to say u_u
32. Ever had a threesome before? NO EWW
33. Ever been swarmed by ladybugs?: Not ladybugs, no... XD
34. Have you ever been in love? Yes I'm in love riGHT NOW WITH GRIBBY :heart:
35. Broken any hearts? Not that I know of :noes: Hopefully none!
36. Got your heart broken? Yes, by many people being horrible and mean to me.
37. Ever liked a friend? Yee YEE - Icon thing  I like all my friends!
38. What happened? Friendship stuff! Good times! XD

Section Four: Past Relationships

39. How many relationships have you been in? Just one, this is my first one Onew (SHINee) 
40. How many were serious enough to count: [EXO] Chanyeol Emoticon THIS MY FRIST ONE WHEE!!1 
41. Who were those serious ones: GRIBBY (EXO) Chanyeol !!
42. NQ- Who USED to be your best friend: Like...?? Hmm well I used to be best friends with this one cute girl called Emilia, but she was super possessive and didn't want me to have any other friends and she eventually just stopped talking to me and pretended one day that I didn't exist, so that ended there. Then I had Mira, who I adored so hard I basically worshipped her. She had long beautiful hair and she was fabulous and super girly and cute and I was just like omg. I loved her [EXO] Kris ''Legit'' Crying Emoticon  But I was weird and being bullied and I ate ketchup with a spoon and I looked like a pile of huge empty clothes walking around by themselves writing down other people's overheard conversations and giggling at them alone. So Mira found herself some better friends, some of them including this perverted boy who creeped me out, and I was just kind of faded out. There was one or two others, but even tho we were bEST FRIENDS it only lasted for a few months or weeks, so I don't really count them...
43. What made them different: I feel like all my past best friends just wanted me because they thought they couldn't have anyone else? Or just wanted to have someone around so they wouldn't seem alone, or so they'd have someone to carry their bags for them, you know? Idk... I never really figured out what went wrong.
44. What happened: [EXO] Luhan Emoticon  well, since I didn't have my own friends anymore, I kind of started tagging along with my little sister and her friends. Until in high school these two cuties called Emma & Elisa noticed me always derping alone, so they invited me to sit with them at the school lunches like haaay wanna be friends and I was like OK Eunhyuk Crazy Smile !!! They were awesome!! We were friends for a long time omg such good times. But then bad times happened. All of us had huge problems at home, like, HORRIBLE stuff was going on, and all of it was just too much and we drifted apart for a while. So THEN, I started tagging along with my sister & her friends again, and got super close with Juho, who was my first male best friend! I was really depressed at the time but he introduced me to his other friends who were all girls, Katri & Ida & Vivi and they were all HILARIOUS omfg, I love them all to this day, even tho now we're kinda distant and never talk anymore and just lovingly stalk each other through internets. I send them letters sometimes :la: Now I'm closer again with Emma, but she lives far away, so we're penpals now :heart: THROUGH ALL THIS THO, I've had my childhood friend Inka, like, we've been bros ever since she was bORN, and she's the ACTUAL BFF I've ever had and who's been with me through all the things and we always have a good time and just MMMMM la in love 
45. Best boy/girlfriend: GRIBBY, HURR
46. Worst boy/girlfriend: I haven't had anyone else ever~
47. Ever been kissed: Lots and lots by Gribby :heart:
48. Who do you want back: I miss Emma... ;u; I wish we could hang out again sometime soon.
49. What do you regret: Not standing up to all the bullies. I wish I could have made them learn not to be mean.
50. Why? Because maybe there could have been more good times? ;u; Idk.

Section Five: Favourites

51. Song: Kylie got RICK ROLL'D 
52. Movie: that fucking HOODWINKED! animation movie... Lil' Miss Hidey Face Seriously tho, I LOVE IT. What Icon 
53. Food: AAAHHHH creamy chicken curry~, creamy mushroom soup ooooooooooohhhh! CHICKEN MCNUGGETS XD Chicken pie, chicken with noodles / ramen, chicken risotto OMG, mushroom risotto!!! CREAMY!
54. Drink: strawberry juice or raspberry juice
55. Store: BLIPPO! XD idk just generally all kinds of sTORES WITH CUTE STUFF, game stuff, anime stuff, and/or fabulous stuff!! I love toy stores too, we always nyoom through toys at stores with Gribby everytime we're shopping for food or smth.
56. Television show: RuPaul's Drag Race 
57. Holiday: Christmas I guess? Since I seem to, like, wait for it all year and get increasingly excited when it's closer to tHE TIME NO POL I'M OKAY Y'SEE !!!1 I LOVE cute presents and decorations and CHOCOLATE and food and presents and cards and presents and yummy things and AND AAHHH NICE THINGS. I hate the family pressure tho, and some christmas related stuff is really quite obnoxious XD
58. Book: hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i CAN'T CHOOSE
60. Sweets: CHOCOLATE
61. Crisps: KETCHUP PRINGLES!!! Angry Birds Ketchup chips XDDD mmmmmMMM, ALMOST any kind of potato chips with RANCH DIP SAUCE OOOHHH. Domino -cookies!! STRAWBERRY JAFFA COOKIES. OOO
62. Type of music: Kpop and cute stuff like Unicorn Kid, or Anamanaguchi, or Kero Kero Bonito, or Owl City and similar stuff ;u; Also game soundtracks and funny old stuff, idk how to explain that one but like XDDD
63. Artist: I CAN'T CHOOSE
64. Word: Defenestrate!!! Pedoncule!!
65. Time of day: Evening / night
66. Dressing: nnnnnnnnnnnnn ono; I'm not good at dressings but I generally like them?
67. Alcoholic drink: NO!!!!!! I hate all of it and I wish no one would ever get drunk anywhere EVER. I hate it, I HATE IT, I don't undertand it or the people who like it at all in any way except cooking some fancy food or smth. I'm scared and I'm terrified of alcoholic drinks and everyone even pOSSIBLY having any amount of it in their systems. Just NO. NOOOOO Red Toad Screaming Chat Icon  STAY FAR AWAY FROM ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
68. Colour(s): CUTE PINK!! Light gray, pastel blue and violet, silver, black, black&white
69. Piece of clothing: My black&white mini skirt, all my cute socks and stockings, my angry Jigglypuff shirt, my pink hoodie that says DON'T MAKE ME LOL on the back XD
70. Character: hhhhhhhh there's too many i'M SORR
71. Smell: My pink sweet scented stuff that I spray all over myself!
72. Shampoo: mmmm idek just anything cheap but nice smelling
73. Soap: cute & nice smelling ones XD
74. Smiley: o3o
75. Board game: ahhhh i love so many hnngh jUST GENERALLY I LOVE BOARD GAMES
76. Sport: dancing I guess... u___u I admire everyone who has dance skills hnngh I wish I could do it. For some reason I'm TERRIFIED of dancing myself ;_; I mean, I dance a lot jokingly / not serious, but I think it would be like the most awesome thing ever to learn to dance like, a whole performance thingy all cool and like WHEE to some awesome song or smth idk how to explain but omg.
77. Number: 8 and 3 XD they look like butts Fool Emoji-10 (Thumbs Up) [V1] 
78. Quote: "It's still magic even if you know how it's done." -Terry Pratchett
79. Animal: Cats! Huge and small!! KITTIES Dean Winchester icon ~ free to use! 
80. Actor: Ben Stiller! Jim Carrey. Steve Carell. Hmmmmmmmmm and B.J.Novak just because I love his huge didney worl eyes XD
82. Vegetable: cARROTS
83. Fruit: hmmmmm grapes? Strawberries & raspberries? mY BERRIESForest Nymph [Request]: Licks Orange 
84. Place to be: In bed~, at home
85. Thing in your room: my 3ds & all the games, my huge kitty plushie & my pink camera
86. Gum: strawberry I guess
87. Shape: Stars & hearts
88. Country: hmmm. It's hard to say :0
89. Mall: mmm, I love the huge malls in Helsinki~ and pretty much all similar ones anywhere XD
90. Car: MY CAR! 8D It's red and it has never failed me so far, even if I'm not so great at taking care of it ;u; <3
91. Boy's name: Kyle or Kai
92. Girl's name: Bunny XD
93. Family member: No Just No 
94. Restaurant: hhhhh ASIAN ONES OOOOHHHHHHHHHHH OMG AH also italian omg
95. Movie place: Home or some fancy movie theatre idk.
96. Person to go to the movies with: Gribby! Inka! 8D
97. Noise: the weird chirp cats sometimes do
98. Brand of Shoe: I don't really care about brands at all :I
99. Brand of clothing: Same here, I don't care about brands, I just care if it's cute & fabulous and if I wanna wear it or not.
100. Body part of a chicken: Omg. I love eating chicken AAHH, but I also love them birds I love the little noises they make and their fluffy feathers and hhh :heart: !!
101. Swear word: vittusaatana
102. Month: June :awesome: 
103. Possession: My ps3 and all the games! My 3ds! All my plushies and dolls <3 All my cute things!
104. Team: Hmm I have no favourite team for anything :0
105. Season: Spring & summer
106. Radio station: I don't listen to radio :I
107. Magazine: I don't really read magazines either XD
108. Favourite grade: At school?? Uhh... They were all quite horrible to me so idk...
109. Least favourite grade: Ssss, again it's hard to say...
110. Teacher: The awesome math teacher who encouraged me in high school even tho and because I absolutely SUCKED!!! Like. I hated math. It was SAD how many YEARS of learning I was BEHIND all the other students XD bUT like, unlike everyone else, he didn't push me down because of it, he ENCOURAGED ME TO TRY, and tried to give me extra help so I could learn at least the BARE MINIMUM of things I needed for the final exam of doom, he was funny and relaxed and nice, and told me it's not the end of the world even if I fail, but if I really want to pass the test and I won't give up, he's sure I can dO IT. And he was SO PROUD WHEN I PASSED THE EXAM, he almost cried. My grade sucked and I passed just BARELY, but I passed, and he had helped me prepare for it so hard, and he was so proud, it made me SO HAPPY. He was the best. His name was Kimmo Pehkonen XD
111. Least favourite teacher: The headmaster at my elementary school. Her name was Kaisa Suominen. I hate her and I'll never forgive her. She was not just the headmaster, she was also the english teacher, finnish teacher, geography & biology teacher, health teacher AND sports teacher. Yea, the school was tiny, and there was only like 3 teachers and sometimes one extra, and the total number of students in the whole school was like 60 or 70, so the same teacher would teach MANY subjects for all the classes. This Suominen teacher bullied me non stop for 6 years, starting from the very start of the elementary school and ending when I moved away to a different middle school. She embarrassed me in front of the whole school again and again, all the other teachers were WITH HER on it, and she always made sure to point out how much I sucked compared to all the other kids. I cried in class A LOT, only to get her to get me in trouble for not focusing on studying or distracting the other kids. She always pretended not to hear my voice when I spoke, so I'd have to repeat and repeat and repeat and when I got desperate and finally just YELLED the words at the top of my lungs, I got trouble for being rude and noisy. She made me wear her husbands gross horrible gym pants that would fall off me all the time because I had forgotten to bring my own, and laughed at me with everyone when I couldn't run in them. She always made fun of me. She had this mean, evil smile I absolutely hated. She sneaked behind me at the lunch room and before I could even touch my food OR the fork and knife, she took them from me and announced to everyone that the way I was eating is WRONG and disgusting, and that everyone should always use fork and knife, LIKE THIS, moving my hands with hers making me demonstrate, and scolded me for being rude and wasteful when I ran out to cry leaving my food where it was. I would get in trouble all the time for the most random things that no one else ever got in trouble for.

112. Subject: Art
113. Subject to talk about: Nice & funny things XD GAMES!!! 8DDD Cute stuff!

Section Six: Family

114. Who's your mum?: I'll pass this one.
115. Who's your dad?:  I'll pass this one. But he's nice!
116. Any step-parents?: I'll pass this one.
117. Any brothers?: No.
118. Any Sisters?: I'll pass this one.
120. Coolest: Me
121. Loudest: Mom
122. Best relative: now that we're married, Gribby! :heart:
123. Worse relative: I'll pass this one.
124. Do you get along with your parents? I'll pass this one.
125. With your siblings? Sadly, not anymore.
126. Does anyone understand you? Gribby & close friends
127. Do you have any pets? Yes!
128. If so, what kind and name? I have a kitty, his name is Hani! He's 2 years old and a handsome CUTIE, he's so friendly and such a snuggly nice little fool ;w; He's noisy and wants constant attention tho, so he can be really tiring and obnoxious too. I love him.
129. If not, what do you want as a pet? I'd love to have a rat or a cornsnake or some tiny lizard!! :la: And more kitties!

Section Seven: School

131. Are you still in school? No.
132. Did you drop out?: Yea I had to, for my health :I
133. Your current GPA: I can't remember... but it wasn't good XD
134. Do you buy or bring lunch?: in Finland you get free food served at schools, and they have like a menu planned of what they'll have on each month, so like, monday there'd be this and tuesday there'd be that, and so on until the month changes and the menu starts again from the start. So I'd usually either eat what they had in there, or if it was smth I hated then I'd just go buy candy from a store and eat that. Or just stay hungry.
135. ABC's?: ...what?
136. Favorite class: Art was always my favourite, but I never felt part of any class, like, as a group, that I belonged in. It was always just me, and the others were a group.
137. Play any sports at school?: I hated it all.
138. Are you popular? I was the opposite of popular XD I was like. Shunned.
139. Favourite memory: That math teacher telling me how proud he was that I managed to pass the math part in the final exam of doom in high school. Juho in the hallway practising with Katri for the fancy dance thing. Me and Emma creating the octopus dance. Making the horror movie we never managed to finish with Emma & Elisa XDD Getting excited and happy every time I saw a bird or a squirrel.
140. Most humiliating moment: I can't even decide. All the times I had to cry in front of everyone. All the times I had to repeat and repeat what I was trying to say while people weren't even trying to listen and just kept yelling I CAN'T HEAR over my voice and laughing at me. That time that boy harrassed me in front of everyone and I was so tired of everything I just stood there, pretended it wasn't even happening and waited for it to be over. That time I was so nervous and shaking so bad I knocked down a huge pile of stuff in the middle of having to talk in front of the whole class.
141. Most funniest moment: I was crying in the middle of the school yard and explaining to my friend what happened, but saw a bird land near me and burst out happily "BIRD LOVELY BIRD OMG!!!" in mid sentence. A teacher walking past saw/heard and for some reason that was the funniest shit.
142. Most scared moment: I was so scared all the time. Idek. Just sometimes I was less scared and sometimes I was in full panick and in between there was just generally being very scared. I was scared to go to sleep because then I'd have to wake up and go to school in the morning. I was scared at school because I'd have to try not draw any attention to myself at all and it was so difficult with the bullies and teachers pointing me out all the time. I was scared towards the end of a school day because I'd have to go home. I was scared to go outside my room at home. I was scared. All the time.

Section Eight: What do you think of when you hear

145. Chicken: Lovely chicken noises & all my fAVOURITE FOOOODS
146. Dog: Dogs are nice XD
147. Christina Aguilera: I never remember which face that name belongs to
148. Ricky Martin: I liked the songs XD
149. 50 cent: Not interesting.
150. Poop: A turd :stare: 
151. Beach: Wishing I had a cute swimsuit & courage to swim and have fun...
153. Water: Dad throwing me in the lake with all my clothes on but I clinged him too hard so he had to come down with me XD
154. Osama: Wasn't that some guy in a beard? :0 I don't remember much more.
155. Love: Snuggling and holding hands with Gribby Key (shinee) 
156. Your little brother: Inka's brother uwu
157. Butt: Butts are nice and funny and cute and gross and I love them XD
158. Clowns: I've never actually met or seen an actual clown anywhere except on tv or in pictures or smth like that :0 They feel like somekind of a far away mythical creature in a foreign land kind of thing to me.
159. Wonder: I wonder a lot? XD
16o. Brown: CHOCOLATE
161. Banana: BANAN
162. Sex: Frozen - Elsa is afraid wEIRD
163. Parents: I'll pass this one.
164. Homosexuals: Okay
165. God: Fiction

Section Nine: Do you believe in

166. God: No.
167. Heaven: No
168. Devil: No
169. Hell: No
170: Boogy man: No
171. Closet Monsters: No
172. Fortune tellings: No
173. Magic: Maybe just a little bit, some way.
174. Love at first sight: Mmmmmmno.
175. Ghosts: Yes aND I'M SCARED
176. Voo-doo dolls: Idk anything about them much
177. Reincarnation: Not really.
178. Yourself: Yes!! bunneh icon14 

Section Ten: Do you

179. Smoke: No.
180. Do drugs: No.
181. Drink alcohol: NO AND I FREAK OUT IF SOMEONE DRINKS ALCOHOL ANYWHERE NEAR ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Erika Scared Icon 
182. Cuss: Like? Swear? Yeaaa I think it's kind of annoying and I try to do it LESS but yea I do it so hnngh.
183. Sing in the shower: No. I tried once and was horribly humiliated.
184. Like school: No...
185. Want to get married: I didn't, until with Gribby :la: So now wE ARE :heart:
186. Type with all of your fingers: No, mostly just 4 of them or maybe sometimes up to 6 of them... XD
187. Think you're attractive: Sometimes yea.
188. Drink and drive: Never and I hate everyone who has done it, does it, or wants to do it ever, and I'll never forgive you ever. How dare you.
189. Snore: ?? not that I know of?? No one has told me so I guess not? I have been told that I squeak or peep in my sleep tho.
190. Sleep walk: I don't remember doing that ever and no one has told, so I guess not :o
191. Like watching sunrises and sunsets: Yea, but I don't like being outside, so I'll be like "aahh dem colours" if I see one, but won't go outside just to do it or anything.

Section Eleven: Have you ever

192. Flashed someone: Only accidentally or forced :stare:
193. Gotten so drunk til you threw up everywhere: Never.
194. Told that person how you felt: Some of them. Most of them don't care enough to listen or respect me.
195. Been arrested: No.
196. Gone to jail or juve: No.
197. Skateboarded: No, wanted once but was too scared to try.
198. Skinny dipped: Yea as a kid.
199. Rock climbed: Nnnn well I have climbed on some big rocks! XD But not all fancy with equipment somewhere in a mountain or anything like that.
200. Killed someone: No.
201. Watched porn: I was forced to few times. I hate it all.
202. Gone on a road trip: I don't think...? Kind of...? Once..???
203. Went out of the country: Yes
204. Talked back to an adult: Yes
205. Broken a law: Accidentally.
206. Got pulled over: Yea, a few times, for like a random check to make sure no one driving through that place wasn't drunk.
208: Cried to get out of trouble: No.
209. Let a friend cry on your shoulder: Yes.
210. Kissed a brother's or sister's friend: No.
211. Kissed a friend's brother or sister: No.
212. Dropped something on the floor and let someone eat it anyways: Yea? :o When they were fine with that of course.
213. Moon someone: Kind of, at my sister as a kid.
214. Shop-lifted: No.
215. Worked at McDonald's: No.
216. Eaten a dog: No.
217. Give money to a homeless person: Yes.
218. Glued your hand to yourself: No, but I got hot glue on my hand and it hurt Llama Emoji-07 (Hopeless or Scared) [V1] 
219. Kissed someone of the same sex: I've only kissed Gribby uwu
220. Had a one night stand: No.
222. Done drugs: No.
223. Lose a friend because of your ex: I have no exes~
224. Slap someone for being stupid: No.
225. Had cyber sex: This is too personal.
226. Wish you were the opposite sex: Yes, for years, until I discovered that I have no gender at all~ :heart: I'm just a person, not a boy, not a girl Fabulous Boy Dance Icon 
227. Caught someone doing something: Yea.
228. Played a game that removes clothing: Well, yes, but the others playing were kind enough not to make me do anything I wasn't comfortable with.
229. Cried during a movie: Yes!!!! I DO IT A LOT ;A;
230. Cried over someone: Yes.
231. Wanted to hook up with a friend: Three times, first time got rejected because I wasn't a boy, second time I decided not to tell the person and to just get over it, third time with Gribby :la:
232. Hooked up with someone you barely met: No.
233. Ran away from home: Kind of.
234. Cheated on a test: Yes. Didn't get caught, but the anxiety and guilt was too much, so I never did it again.

Section Twelve: Would you

235. Bungee jump: I don't think I want to...
236. Sky dive: I'm not sure.
237. Swim with dolphins: Mmmmmmno.
238. Steal a friend's bf or gf: No.
239. Try to be the opposite sex: I've tried being one or the other and both feel wrong for me.
240. Lie to the police: No.
241. Run from the police: No wtf I'm not an idiot.
242. Lie to your parents: .......I can't trust them. So I guess??
243. Backstab a friend for your own well being: No.
244. Be an exotic dancer: I'm too scared to dance even if there's no way anyone can ever see it.
245. NQ- Kill the president: No, I don't think I'd kill anyone at all D; Unless it was for defence or smth like that.

Section Thirteen: Are you

246. Shy: Yes
247. Loud: I can be if I'm excited
248. Nice: Yes
249: Outgoing: No.
250: Quiet: Yes
251. Mean: Only for defence.
252. Emotional: VERY
253. Sensitive: EXTREMELY
254. Gay: Kind of, idek.
255. Strong: I can be!
256. Weak: I've made to be. But I'm finally starting to learn to be strong instead.
257. Caring: Yes, too much even.
258. Dangerous: No XD
259. Crazy: I don't think so.
260. Spontaneous: Yes, it's hard not to be.
261. Funny: I'm hilarious.
262. Sweet: Yes~
263. Sharing: To some extend I guess.
264. Responsible: I try to be!
265. Trustworthy: Yes
266. Open-minded: I try to be.
267. Creative: yess
268. Cute: Yes, I'm very cute and I'm glad about it. I hope I'll always be super cute.Kao Emoji-04 (Cute) [V1] 
269. Slick: I don't think :0
270. Smart: well i'M NOT STUPID! But like. I have some amount of smart.
271. Dumb: I can be dumb too wow.
272. Evil: No uwu
273. Humble: Yea.
274. Classy: Nooo XD
275. Photogenic: I don't think I am XD It's hard to get a nice looking picture of me ;u;
276. Dependable: to some extend yea
277. Greedy: Yes! Llama Emoji 35 (Desire or Want Something) [V2] 
278. Ugly: I can be omg XDDD
279. Messy: Yea u_u
280. Neat: I can be if I try really hard!
281. Perverted: No.
282. Silly: Very.
283. A Diva: yES
284. A Good Listener: Yes.
285. A Fighter: No, stop being mean or leave me alone.
286. A Party Animal: Nooo.
287. A Game Freak: Yes!!!
288. A Computer Freak: I don't think. Just like, game stuff.

Section Fourteen: Future

289. Dream job: Idek ;n;
290. Dream house: A cute one! Full of cute and nice things! Not very big. Somewhere where it's easy to go to places and come back from places even if no car :la:
291. Husband/Wife: Gribby :heart:
292. Kids: Noooooo >_<
293. Names: I keep thinking all kinds of funny names for future pets XD But I need to meet the pet before I can name it, so it's just like lolll.
294. Pets: Hopefully more kitties, rats or some other nice cuties.
295. Car: Probably won't have one.
296. Age you would want to get married: -
297. Best Man/Bride's Maid: Inka XDD But we had a private marriage thingy, so yea uwu
298. Honeymoon: OMG Gribby wrote Venice beach here and tHAT WOULD BE AWESOME WOW~ I would approve so hard XD I don't really know, just somewhere in Europe in a beautiful city would be nice~ uwu

Section Fifteen: Your friends 

299. Best friend: Inka!
300. Known the longest: Inka XD
301. Craziest: hmmmmmm idk XD
302. Loudest: Ida or Juho probably, idk it's been long since I saw them ;u;
303. Shyest: Wow idk, we're all so shy. We'll have to hold a competition about it or smth.
304. Best hair: Inka & Gribby
305. Best eyes: Aahh iDEK I LIKE ALL
306. Best body: This one feels weird so I'll skip XD
307. Most Athletic: Hmmmmm Inka probably
308. Hot-Tempered: Gribby
309. Most impatient: ssssssssssss idk XD
310. Shortest: iNKA
311. Tallest: Gribby or Emma or idk XD
312. Skinniest: Inka
313. Best singer: Everyone's too shy to sing ;u;
314. Funniest: mE -crowns self- HAV - The King 
315. Can always make you laugh: Inka, Gribby, Emma
316. Wish you talked to more: Horace, Emma, Juho & Katri ;3;
317. Wish you saw more: Like. Everyone? XD
318. Who drives you insane after a while: Everyone ;u; I need lots of alone time!!!
319. Who you can stay around forever and never get sick of: Gribby
320. Ever lose a friend because you took it to the 'next level': No, that one time I was scared I would, and I wanted them more as a friend, so I didn't do the thing and so everything was fine. With Gribby all went fine too of course XD
321. Whose always been there when you need them: Inka!
322. Who is like your family: Inka!! WE'RE BROS
323. How many friends do you have?: Just a few uwu
324. How many are really close? Just two.

Section Sixteen: The last

325. Thing you ate: Gribby brought me yogurt with cereal, raspberry jam and pieces of banan Pusheen Nomnom Gingerbread plz 
326. Thing you drank: Strawberry juice, super mild with lots of water XD
327. Thing you wore: Gribby put my socks on XD They're fluffy with zeebras on them.
328. Thing you did: Nommed the yogurt thingy.
329. Place you went: To the store with Gribby.
330. Thing you got pierced or tattooed: My ears when I was like 5 XD
331. Person you saw: Gribby
332. Person you hugged: Gribby
333. Person you kissed: Gribby
334. Person you beat to a juicy pulp: I haven't hit anybody :nuu:
335. Person you talked to online: Gribby through skype because I'm in the other room LOL XDD
336. Person you talked to on the phone: Maru, the youth worker who helps me with all kinds of stuff
337. Song you heard: "I'm forever blowing bubbles~! Pretty bubbles in the air~! They fly so high, nearly reach the sky~! Then like my dreams they break and die~!" La la la la 
338. Show you saw: The Harry Potter movies with Gribby. I finally made peace with them and formed new, this time GOOD, memories.
339. Time you fought with your parents: I've stopped even trying to talk.
340. Time you fought with a friend: Hmmmm idk :0 It doesn't happen? We just kind of... don't fight? XD It's just like, ok no prob :0
341. Words you said: "Olet armas!"

Section Seventeen: Now

343. What are you eating: Nothing atm
344. What are you drinking: Nothing atm
345. What are you thinking: About how much better my life is now compared to what it used to be :heart:
346. What are you wearing: Many layers of clothes
347. What are you doing: This thing... And trying to ignore Hani meowing at nothing >_<
349. Hair: It hasn't been this long since I was in middle school!! :nuu: I haven't decided what I wanna do with it...
350. Mood: A bit annoyed, getting a headache and worrying it's a migraine, feeling too hot and kind of sick.
351. Listening to: Hani yelling at me
352. Talking to anyone: Asking Hani to stop meowing or to please do it quietly XD
353. Watching anything: No.

Section Eighteen: Yes or No

354. Are you a vegetarian: No.
355. Are you a carnivore: No XD I eat a mix of things!
356. Are you heterosexual: No.
357. Do you like penguins: They're cUTE!!!
358. Do you write poetry: No. I don't really understand it.
359. Do you see stupid people: Gladly not very often.
360. You + Me: ...what D;
361. Do you like the Osbournes: No, I don't really know much about them except they're famous? Like, idk I don't care.
362. Do you take any medication: Yes, for anxiety & depression.
363. Do you sleep with stuffed animals on your bed: Yea just one, I'd like to have more, but Gribby doesn't like the bed being full and it's not fair if I fill the bed and just force him to deal with it, so I can have this one plushie and he can have le space, and we can both be happy~ uwu
364. What parts of the world are your best friends from: Finland... XD Canada... ouo hmm idk XDD
365. Is Christina Aguilera ugly: -googles because can't remember who- wHAT WTF SHE'S FABULOUS AND BEAUTIFUL OMG WHAT A CUTIE
366. Zombies or aliens: hhhhhhhhhhh zombies I guess ;_;
367. Was this survey annoying: No.
368. Do you bite your nails: No.
369. Can you cross your eyes: No, it hurts when I try!
370. Do you make your bed in the morning: No! XD
371. Have you touched someone's private part: YEE - Icon thing 

Section Nineteen: This or That

372. Winter or Summer: Summer
373. Spring or Autumn: Spring
374. Shakira or Britney: Idk both are cool
375. MTV or VH1: VH1 XD
376. Black or White: Black 
377. Yellow or Pink: Pink
378. Football or Basketball: Both just make me super anxious about the ball hitting my face and people yelling at me
379. Call or Text: Text
380. Pen or Pencil: pen
381. Cold or Hot: Hot
382. Tattoos or Piercings: nnnnnn piercings
383. Inside or Outside: Inside
384. Weed or Alcohol: But Why Emoticon 
385. Coke or Pepsi: I don't really like either
386. Tape or Glue: Tape! Cute tape!!
387. McDonald's or In-n-Out: McDOLAN

Section Twenty: Opinions

388. What do you think about classical music: Nice!
389. About boy bands: Cute!
390: About suicide: A shitty thing to do both to yourself and others. Especially yourself.
391. About people who try to force their opinions on you: You need to stop, or leave.
392. About teen pregnancy: hELP THEM ;A;
393. Where do you think you'll be in 10 years: Happy, with Gribby, hopefully in a stable and safe situation and home, having a good time and nice things :heart:
394. Who do you think you'll still be friends with in 5 years: Inka, Gribby
395. About people with mental problems: HELP THEM ;A;

Section Twenty-One:

396. Do you have a website: I have a comic diary~ Dean Approves ~ free to use! 
397. Current weather right now: Cold and dark XD Snow everywhere.
398. Current time: Half past 11 pm
399. Last thoughts: Wow finally omg this took me ALL DAY! I got out of bed, started doing this, and it's almost midnight now Nuu 
400. Tag: Do it if you wanna~~

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